Emory Garrett

Comm specialist


“Calm and Collected” – 3
“Unconventional Thinker” – 3
“Computers are my thing” – 3
“Casual Demeanor” – 3
“Small and Nimble” – 2
“Garrison Warrior” – 2


Emory is the communications specialist for Echo Lance

Born on the Combine world of Alshain in the Alshain Military District in 3043, Emory was no stranger Mechs or warfare. He was only eight years old when Clan Ghost Bear invaded his home. Luckily his family was able to escape with other refugees and they relocated to Kiama in the Benjamin District. They were almost forced to relocate again before the Clans were stopped at Tukayyid.

During the years of relative peace following the Truce of Tukayyid Emory continued his schooling receiving a scholarship to Inazuma University for Computer Sciences and Physics. When Clan Ghost Bear invaded the Combine in 3064 Kaima was one of their objectives. After action reports suggest that Emory and a group of friends were caught between the Clan warriors and garrison troops. Emory is the only one that survived. Emory finished college and applied for the officer’s program for the DCMS and was eventually placed in a garrison on the world of Mellen, a border world with the Federated Suns.

After two years with the garrison, Emory was selected for transfer to the 2nd Genyosha as part of a new initiative by the Coordinator. Life aboard the WarShip is difficult for Emory since he prefers the company of civilians when off duty, but he has become good friends with several technicians and his lancemates.

Emory Garrett

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