Jared Collin

Senior Technician


Jared is a soft spoken man in his mid-30s. He joined the DCMS at a young age to appease his Mechwarrior father. Unfortunately, Jared did not exhibit the skills necessary to warrant a combat posting and after basic training was shipped off to serve in logistics for the garrison on Iijima a system that had seen several incursions by pirates.

Shortly after his arrival on planet, Jared became friends with a young technician named Millie Yoo. Millie kept suggesting that Jared should transfer to the motor pool instead of “boring old logistics” and would spend time off showing the young man how various parts worked on the vehicles and where they were located. Jared showed quite an aptitude for technical work and was just about to request a transfer when the world was hit by a massive pirate fleet. The pirates quickly stormed the planetary defenses stealing anything they could, including people. Young Millie was captured along with dozens of others.

After the raid, Jared requested transfers to any combat unit he thought would take him, but eventually resigned himself to a support role. He transferred to the motor pool in 3066 and is now the senior technician for Ingrid. He transferred with her to the Genyosha posting on the Rising Phoenix.


Jared Collin

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