Maricela Tomoka



“Short and Stocky” – 3
“Eye for Detail” – 3
“Well Mannered” – 2
“Silent Runner” – 2
“Close Quarters Fighting” – 3
“Recon Trooper” – 4


Recon element for Echo Lance

Small, even for a heavy worlder, Maricela grew up on the mining colony of Hongor in the Pesht Military District. Not wanting to dig around in the dirt all her life, she joined up with the DCMS garrison as an infantry trooper. Her small stature came in handy as a scout against periphery bandit raids. When the Clan raids increased, Maricela and most of her regiment were transferred to the front to reinforce strategically important worlds. During this time, Mari’s unit was invaluable in gathering intel on troop movements and positions and even captured a Clan OmniMech in a daring raid on a forward fire base.

For her exemplary service, and after multiple requests, Maricela was given Mechwarrior training and placed with the 2nd Genyosha as a recon element. The tight spaces aboard the WarShip don’t seem to bother her and she maintains a courteous rapport with almost all members of the regiment.

Maricela Tomoka

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