Thanh Givens

Lance Fire Support


“Company Smartass” – 3
“Quick Tongue” – 3
“Lean and Mean” – 2
“Hit em where it Hurts” – 3
“Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight” – 3
“Underworld Soldier” – 4


Long Range Fire Support for Echo Lance

Thanh was born on Wapakoneta just before the end of the Fourth Successsion War to an immigrant father and native-born mother. His mixed lineage caused him quite a bit of grief growing up. While in Secondary School, Thanh joined up with a local gang and wound up doing a short stint in prison for an assault charge. In prison he made friends with a man by the name of Toshiro Kaolo, a member of the Coiled Serpent Yakuza syndicate. The two often spoke of what they would do when they were released. Toshiro subtly steered Thanh toward joining with the Coiled Serpent.

Thanh’s time with the Syndicate molded him in to a fierce fighter earning him a place within the Sanctuary of the Serpent, one of the infamous Ghost Regiments. The regiment conducted many raids in to Clan territory, as well as within the Combine and Federated Commonwealth.

Over time Thanh became disenfranchised with the regiment’s activities. It was then that he was approached by operatives of the ISF and offered a position within the 2nd Genyosha. For his service, Thanh’s criminal record would be expunged. Since joining the Genyosha, Thanh has made quite the reputation as a gambler and has been pulled from the duty roster for insubordination on multiple occasions. His combat record is rather impressive and he has learned how to use his Bishamon Mech to deadly effect as a light support vehicle.

Thanh Givens

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