2nd Genyosha

The 2nd Genyosha has been assigned to six Kirishima class cruisers to respond to threats in the Buckminster Prefecture of the Benjamin Military District within the Draconis Combine. One Battalion is assigned to each WarShip and between the six of them they can respond anywhere within the Prefecture within 5 days.

The Genyosha are known as one of the most elite regiments in the Combine military. They suffered heavy losses during the Clan invasion and the annihilation of Clan Smoke Jaguar, but their reconstruction was made a priority by Theodore Kurita and the unit is now at close to full strength.

June 6th 3070, Genyosha elements attached to the Rising Phoenix engaged elements of the Black Dragon terrorist organization on the planet Pilkhua. A reconnaissance lance was tasked with located and securing a terrorist compound while remaining elements of the battalion secured the nearby city. DEST operatives were called in to sweep the base base for intel and capture personnel for interrogation.

June 18th 3070, Elements of the Genyosha attached to the Gekido suppressed a “worker’s riot” at a mining installation belonging to Yori Industrial on a moon in the Ogano system. The man who organized the riot managed to escape, but was identified as Amano Mako. Amano is the son of the former Military Director for the, now occupied, Alshain Military district.

June 30th 3070, the Rising Phoenix responded to an incursion in the Numki system by Hell’s Horses Delta Galaxy. By the time the Genyosha arrived, Clan forces had already established a foothold on the main colony world and begun eliminating the garrison forces. The invaders do not appear to be intent on occupying the world as their Batchall stated they were to capture “strategic assets”.

Following the action on Numki, the forces involved jumped to Caldrea to resupply and refresh their forces before reinforcing the 14th Benjamin Regulars at the front line on Kiesen.

July 21st 3070, the forces of the 2nd Genyosha arrived at Kiesen. Garrison forces were barely holding on to the planet. Several key installations had been overrun and Clan Blood Spirit forces were attacking nearly round the clock to exhaust the defenders. Battalion command decided to concentrate reinforcements in to the less hard hit theatres in order to help stem losses so the remaining garrison troops could be redistributed to other theatres.

Initial strikes were highly successful. The added airpower and artillery support of the Genyosha placed the Clan forces on the defense. Unfortunately the Clanners adapted quickly and began a massive surge against garrison installations capturing valuable repair facilities and material.

To make matters worse, Blakist teams are operating on the world instigating confrontations between the Clan forces and DCMS. The Blakist objectives are unclear, but they will likely have to be dealt with before they can cause greater damage.

2nd Genyosha

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