Caldrea is a biologically diverse world with a slightly thicker atmosphere than earth norm which locks in more sunlight keeping the surface temperature high.

Only two major cities exist on Caldrea. Hiko is a city populated by employees of Fuchida that rotate month long shifts in the mines and smelters of the nearby mountain range. The population of Hiko is close to 2 million.

The city of Auckland rests near one of the planets small seas and is bordered by lush tropical bamboo forests making it an ideal resort city. Wealthy citizens from across the Sphere come to relax in one of over a dozen hot springs or sport fish in open sea. The markets of Auckland are also particularly robust with almost anything being available for purchase. Auckland has an average population of about 4 million.

The rest of the population are scattered across the planet in rural farming enclaves and corporate research compounds. The total population of the planet is about 20 million.


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