Numki is an industrial/agrarian world located in the Draconis Combine. Sprawling industrial complexes dominate the landscape surrounding the 5 major settlements while corporate farms and sharecropping outposts dot the hills and plains of the planet’s temperate zones.

Numki was terraformed in the early days of the Star League. Some installations have survived to preseny day, but they have long since been plundered.

Early in the year 3068 Clan Ghost Bear assaulted Numki with a mobile assault force that took the planetary militia completely by surprise. The Bears objective was to steal planetary survey data from a DCMS garrison. After they accomplished this, they retreated from the system.

A Clan Hell’s Horses assault force composed of elements of Delta Galaxy landed on the planet late in 3070. The Horses’ objective for the invasion was unclear, but they appeared to be searching for something after forcing most of the planetary garrison in to a defensive posture. A battalion of the Genyosha arrived a week later and made planetfall, but they were horribly outgunned and their arrival seemed only to annoy the muh larger Hell’s Horses force.

two and a half weeks after the Horses made planetfall another battalion of the Genyosha arrived in orbit. This unit was composed of mostly heavy and assault elements. Most of the battalion burned directly for the spaceport while the rest moved to secure the theater around the Daisho Battleworks facility.

Elements of the Genyosha attached to the Rising Phoenix are still holding ground, but many companies have taken substantial losses. The first and fourth combat theaters have had the most success dealing with the Clan incursion, but the fourth company is operating at only half strength after a massive assault on the unit’s dropship. They have since relocated to a less visible position and are revising their combat strategy.

Hell’s Horses retreated from Numki in late July after a pitched battle inside the planetary capital. The Horses managed to plunder a vast amount of data before leaving and it is still unknown what their true objective was.


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