Revised Timeline

All events up to 3066 remain as canon information from the Battletech source material. beginning in 3067 I am diverging the timeline as follows:

3067 – Fedcom civil war ends, Peter Steiner-Davion named Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth, Yvonne Steiner-Davion named Regent of the Federated Suns, Fourth Whitting conference dissolves second Star League, Word of Blake vows reprisals, Terrorist attacks linked to local seperatist groups rock the Skye region as well as the Free Rasalhague republic and Chaos March

3068 – Key HPG network hubs seized by Word of Blake as they begin a covert campaign of misinformation, Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation continue their campaign against the Federated Suns capturing over a dozen worlds, Clans Jade Falcon and Wolf launch attacks against the Lyran Commonwealth capturing new weapons technology, Clans Blood Spirit; Fire Mandrill; and Ice Hellion make lightning raids against Clan Coyote and Snow Raven shipyards slowing production of several new warships

3069 – Clan Nova Cat forces officially enter service under the Irece Prefecture military directorate, Hell’s Horses complete construction of an advanced factory complex on Stanzach capable of producing OmniMechs and other high tech weapons, The Crusader faction of the Home Clans calls for a renewed invasion now that the “False Star League has collapsed” but the vote is adamantly opposed by the Warden faction stalling any invasion, Clans Blood Spirit; Fire Mandrill; Hell’s Horses; and Ice Hellion begin preparations for an allied offensive and hinder Warden response by crippling several Warden fleets, Candace Liao assasinated no group claimed responsibility, Capellan Confederation invades the St. Ives Compact

Early 3070 – Several HPG uplinks in the Rasalhague Republic are destroyed by terrorist attacks, A group called the “Mouth of the Dragon” bombs the Pillar of Steel Military Academy in the Draconis Combine, Several of Wolf’s Dragoons Jumpships are destroyed en route to the Lyran Commonwealth by “Pirate” vessels; Word of Blake is suspected, Primus Sharilar Mori of ComStar is poisoned during her visit to oversee reconstruction operations in the Rasalhague Republic, Word of Blake calls for a new Star League summit but is ignored

Revised Timeline

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