Rising Phoenix

Heavy cruiser

The Rising Phoenix is a Kirishima class Cruiser assigned to the Buckminster Prefecture of the Benjamin District in the Draconis Combine. The Phoenix maintains orbit over the planet Caldrea. This allows one jump access to several planets and strategic systems along the border with Clan Wolf and the Ghost Bear Dominion. This new system of armed response is part of aging Coordinator Theodore Kurita’s plan for a more mobile and flexible response to armed incursion by The Clans. The Rising Phoenix is part of a sextet of WarShips that are spread such that at least one of the craft can respond anywhere within the Buckminster Prefecture.

The Rising Phoenix has the following DropShips assigned to it:

Kraven Image – Union Class DropShip
Pillar of Jade – Union Class DropShip
Fury Reborn – Union Class DropShip
Immutable Destiny – Union Class Dropship
Shining Dragon – Seeker Class DropShip
Shiro Kurita – Nagumo Class DropShip

Rising Phoenix

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