Theodore Kurita

Theodore has been the Coordinator of the Draconis Combine for over 30 years. After succeeding his father in 3040 Theodore implemented sweeping changes throughout the Combine. His most controversial changes involved the Combine military and it’s soldiers. No longer were leaders honor bound to kill themselves following unsuccessful campaigns, no longer was the warrior class to be dominated by nobility, policies that existed because they were seen as tradition came under review and those deemed unnecessary or foolish were eliminated.

Following the Clan invasion and Jaguar annihilation Theodore called for Combine scientists and corporations to study along side their counterparts in Clan Nova Cat in the hopes of bridging the technological gap with the invading clans and revitalizing Combine industry.

Following the assasination of Omi Kurita, the Coordinator poured funding into the ISF to help protect Combine Interests. During this time, Theodore also reached out to dozens of Yakuza syndicates creating several new Ghost Regiments as well as a deniable intelligence service.

Theodore still believes that a renewed Star League is still possible, but the function of the League will have to be revised to fit modern conventions and necessities. Though the Coordinator has no solid plan yet to present to the other successor lords, but he has stated he would like to call a summit by 3072.

Theodore Kurita

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